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Tips to Help Support Your Nutritional Assessment

What are the methods to install an Anti Bird Nets? Anti Bird Nets are the important elements in our daily life. safety nets is the major leading company in providing anti bird nets installation in Chennai. there are steps involved in fixing anti bird netting.

1. Drilling the corner areas where the nylon net has to be fixed, usually its drilling every 1.5ft or 1 mtr gap according to the requirement
2. Placing fishery (plastic ghattas) and steel hooks
3. Preparing the nylon net according to the size and placing the border rope to the corners of the nylon net
4. Placing the nets to locking the border ropes to hooks
5. Tighting the border rope n putting knot to the border rope.
6. Hammering the hooks for permanent lock


Why is safety important

What are the methods to install an Anti Bird Nets? To avoid pigeon droppings at your balcony or open areas where it poses regular cleaning and even then not the solution. nets installation is best solution for this

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